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At our 4BP Horses 5 day clinics you can immerse yourself completely in learning our 4BP Training Method. Previous horse experience is not required. 

Here is what one participant had to say about attending a clinic with us:
"It’s gain so much mentally, emotionally and your life changes for the best....4BP is the ultimate Euphoria...!!!!” Kellie - 4BP COOEE LEGEND

“When I first went to 4BP, I went to learn how to gently train a wild horse, but I got so much more out of 4BP. It’s impacted every aspect of my life.” 4bp Cooee Legend 

For more information on what experiencing one of our clinics is like please have a read through the testimonials.

The cost is $6,050.  

More information including FAQ is also in our clinics information.

If you are interested in finding out when the next clinics will run, please send us an email at

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