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Our 4BP horses clinics are specialised clinics, there is nothing like them available anywhere on earth.

We source wild horses from across inland Australia.

Inland because we know that genetically they are faultless, if they have bad teeth, they die, bad joints, they die, can’t think for themselves, they die, etc. etc.

Inland horses have easy to maintain feet, they live and prosper on very little feed, walk massive kilometres on a daily basis and generally a taller horse in the 14/2 - 16 hands high, there are always something either side of those heights available.

There can be Arab, Percheron, Clydesdale and Waler strain’s strongly represented in the lines.

Early inland station operators built horses to muster livestock on like we build cars and bikes now.

Station people on rocky country, sandy country, flood country etc built horse frames through breeding for their specific requirements.

Good swimmers for the flooded river channel’s, broad footed for the sandhills but always seeking that all rounder with intelligence and natural ability that maintained body weight.

Then the heavy horses for burden work of dam sinking, pulling cart and bronco branding calves for marking and branding.

All of this produced mighty fine horse flesh but as time went by, planes, helicopters, motor bikes and buggies took over and horses turned loose to roam the huge multi millions of acre properties to become wild.

This action removed any weak traits that may have been over looked initially by a breeder…. the natural environment, droughts and floods then became the culling tool of the horse.

Now decades later large herds still roam these vast inland properties, tough, resilient, intelligent, variable animals that can survive daily on very little…..and thrive.

The wild horse has an honesty about them that few can imagine achievable.

I am hopelessly in love with horses and find myself in a position to take in these different lines of horses when time permits.

We have these horses enter into all horse disciplines of dressage, jumping, cattle events, everyday riders or just a good mate to talk with each day.

They go out to every part of Australia, Darwin to Tasmania, King Island, states and territories and all variations in temperature.  

We have ridden wild trained horses around the best part of Australia in nothing more than a halter under saddle.

Trained 65 horses in 6 days and performed many other programs.

We perform mental health programs daily with these wild horses for depression, anxiety, PTSD, battle fatigue, suicide prevention, schizophrenia, epilepsy, toxic shock syndrome, alcohol and drug addiction, rape and molestation, anything trauma based.

The first and only in Australian history to be funded by Primary Health Network for such programs.

Specialty in returned veterans and first responders, all utilising these horses and the same training program.

The cost is $6,600.  

The horse is free.
The horse is for you to take or leave behind.
The decision is to be made before the completion of the clinic.
If the horse is left behind it is the property of 4BP Horses.

The 4BP horses clinic is a set price regardless of the horse as the horse is free.

If you wish to bring your own horse, contact for arrangements, price is the same as the horse is free.

What to bring:
A riding helmet that fits to suppliers recommendations, that is to Australian standards.

Suitable working clothes, not too baggy.

Closed in footwear that can be worked in, sand shoes to steel cap boots, your choice.

Riding boots, smooth soled so not to catch in a stirrup.

Hat, skin and face cream/care.

A horse takes an average of 3 hours to train to ride and slide off the rump.

It takes around 3 days to train a human to understand what the horse does in 3 hours.

People who have never even touched a horse can train their own horse to ride and float in the 5 days.

The outcome for every horse is for it to recognise you, catch, tie up, mount ride bareback , under saddle, slide off rump, pick feet up , rug, lead and horse float

All within a safe and caring environment.

The participant gets out of the experience what they are willing to put into it.

The participant performs training themselves under guidance of 4BP staff every step of the way.

The participant builds a relationship like nothing else known, “Bluetooths to the horse as a fish does in a ocean school”.

Saddles are provided, yet bring one if you have one.
All horses trained in a halter, bring a bridle if you choose to have the horse trained to it “after” basic training.

Lead rope and halter supplied.

Accommodation on site, all participants reside on-site in shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.

New beds, mattresses within purpose built house.

Washing machine and dryer on-site.

Bring toiletries.

4BP Horses provides all main meals and smoko’s, tea, coffee etc.

If you have allergies then please inform at booking and self manage throughout the week.

Other information: 
•Extensive network of horse carriers going to all states.

•35 minutes from Toowoomba airport

•4BP horses is located on main highway into NSW from Toowoomba with ease of entry , ample parking.

•Toowoomba is Australia’s largest inland city, it has everything and only 20 minutes away with a highway delivery, it’s a huge horse area with ample horse equipment supplies.

•Local vet available 24/7

•Tax exemptions and total clinic cost claim to most who attend, check with your tax agent or service provider for eligibility.

Here is what one participant had to say about attending a clinic with us:
"It’s gain so much mentally, emotionally and your life changes for the best....4BP is the ultimate Euphoria...!!!!” Kellie - 4BP COOEE LEGEND

“When I first went to 4BP, I went to learn how to gently train a wild horse, but I got so much more out of 4BP. It’s impacted every aspect of my life.” 4bp Cooee Legend 

For more information on what experiencing one of our clinics is like please have a read through the testimonials.

More information including FAQ is also in our clinics information.

If you are interested in finding out when the next clinics will run, please send us an email at

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