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At our five day clinics you can immerse yourself completely in learning our 4BP Training Method, using either one of our saved wild horses or your own horse. Previous horse experience is not required. 
Details below regarding the clinic coming up 4-6 June 2022, to book:

Recovery Through Horses

Experience mental and physical wellness through a true connection with horses.
Creator of 4BP Horses, Joe Hughes, is running a clinic north of
Adelaide in June 2022.
This clinic demonstrates how to train a wild horse in 3 hours whilst
delivering a revolutionary mental health program through this
interaction with horses.
Joe is a renowned bushy from our far north east pastoral country, now
in QLD, travelling back to Adelaide for this first ever self help 4BP
mental health public clinic at Redemption House.
This program was the first in history to be recognised and funded by
Government Primary Health Network for trauma, depression, suicide
prevention, anxiety, anger management, PTSD and much more, all treated in days sending many on a path to complete mental and physical wellness.
This program will be demonstrated in detail on the day, along with why
it works and the fundamentals in how to train a wild horse in 3 hours
to slide off its rump.
** No horse experience required **

Look forward to a brighter future, beginning with understanding the healing energy and communication between horses and humans.


Location: Redemption House, 50 Roberts Rd, Lewiston SA 5501.
Turn off from Gawler River Rd, Lewiston.
Saturday June 4: Mental health recovery techniques through.               $20 gate fee
                              the use of horses.                                                     under 16yrs free
0830    Arrival, meet and greet/grab a coffee
0900    Session starts
1200    Sausage sizzle ($2 per sausage) available or bring your own
                       Coffee, tea and soft drinks available
1300    Session 2
1500    Completion
Stay around for one on one opportunities to chat.
Bring a chair, hat, drink.
Sunday June 5: Casual Catch up day at Redemption House                                 Free
Arrive any time from 10am. Meet and greet or grab a coffee
Catch up with Joe or some other awesome people.
Bring lunch to share. Coffee, tea and soft drinks available
Meet the farm animals and chat with others.
Bring a chair, hat, drink, cut lunch.
1100    Joe talking about his journey, creation of 4BP, global roll
out and how that fits with his Christian duty.
1700    Shared dinner, worship, and Joe shares his testimony.
Monday June 6: Helping horses with problem                       $150 Horse and handler
0830    Arrival  meet and greet or grab a coffee                                  $50 fence sitter
0900    Sessions start - working with horse and owner
1200    Sausage sizzle available or bring your own
            Coffee, tea and soft drinks available
1300    Sessions continue
1500    Completion

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Here is what one participant had to say about attending a clinic with us:
"It’s gain so much mentally, emotionally and your life changes for the best....4BP is the ultimate Euphoria...!!!!” Kellie - 4BP COOEE LEGEND

“When I first went to 4BP, I went to learn how to gently train a wild horse, but I got so much more out of 4BP. It’s impacted every aspect of my life.” 4bp Cooee Legend
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