4BP Horses - On Tour in the USA

4BP will be travelling to the USA sometime in the near future, once Corona Virus restrictions ease. 

Spear headed with 2 of the finest trainers in the world.

The aim is to train thousands of Mustangs.

To help stop the suicide rate of veterans which is over 23 per day through our revolutionary 4BP Trauma Clinics using Mustangs.

To train residents to train Mustangs.

To present those Mustangs in holding pens a greater opportunity of a happy outcome and sound mental health.

Setting world records of training wild horses with USA participants.

Trekking on Mustangs.. anything Mustang.

To have alot of fun!! 

Want to become a professional trainer with 12 weeks holiday, every weekend off and $180K income?

Want to train your own Mustang without fear to you or the horse?

Want to understand your horse beyond anyone's imagination?

Of course you do!

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