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4BP Horses Self-Help Video - Homework with Peaches # 2

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Using the 4BP Horses Training Method as a foundation, you can now self-help and build on your connection using our unique version of equine therapy. 

The first video in the Homework with Peaches series can be found on our Facebook page.

Below are some recent customers giving their feedback on the Homework with Peaches video series.

Video available to stream immediately after checkout.

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"Hi, I tried this “Peaches program” with my 9 yr old bush pony.

Probably didn't do it absolutely how you did in fact I know I didn't look into eyes properly and didn't do three times.

But, my little mare went all soft and sleepy and our arab mare who is not always friendly came and stood with us.

I actually don't know how long I stood there but I finished sitting on the ground by them feeling quite weepy and tired.

Both horses stayed with me, bush pony all sleepy and Arab mouthing and chewing.

Very emotional, loved it, going to try better next time.

Thankyou 4BP so much."


"This horse has given me back my soul.

I've NEVER cried with an animal before, I mean, I’ve cried over them, but not at them lol.

He gives me purpose each day.

I give him kisses and we go on long walks together, I walk him from the ground and he loves his walks.

I used 4BP training methods to gain his trust, Now he is like a lamb, or a puppy. Lol!

I did that “Peaches” homework excercise on him too.

Geewizz its sooo cool.

I am becoming a happier and more present and patient person.

I have 4 little kids under age of 8, and I love them so much, but he is my inner zen when things have gone to rubbish.

I wish I could have him understand just one word; 'Thankyou'."


I'm just so gosh darn glowy and chuffed. ❤❤❤❤❤

Gone from "must stand far as away from human as possible" to "where's my hoooman!!!


4BP has made my relationship the best journey I've ever been on.

Doing my “4BP Peaches” homework, and today, for the first time, rode bitless.

It was a first for him too.

He had a bit of a rough start, but now he is just so devoted and loving.

At first he was bracing for the stop like he normally does... I never pull on his mouth, but he always threw up his head.

Then he realised, 'hey, theres no pain, no pulling!' And so he had 2 more bracey stops, but then just started stopping like an old mustering horse.

Stopping just off my seat alone.  

He listened soooo well in the bitless.

The previous owners had him in a twisted dog leg bit or something.

But I have him on nothing and his stops, and even his turns and back up are “sensational”.

Goes to show tack is not everything but mutual trust and understanding is though.

4BP has dramatically changed my horses life, and has made me the supposed 'horse whisperer' I am lol.

I am not a horse trainer at all.

I am as green as the grass!

'You got the touch' they tell me... I give them the 4BP website address.

I have'nt trotted on him yet, as I am still learning to ride.

But he is helping my heart to heal after an event and that is more important to me then training.

Thank you 4BP horses."