4BP Horses Testimonials

Here is some the feedback we get constantly from 4BP Horses customers from all over the world!


"4BP Horses thank you! 

It was a pretty mentally challenging arvy for me. 

I got off and all was going well, he "hugged" me with his head, and I blubbered like a big girl lol.

He was so amazing this arvy, and I think we did great. 


 "This horse has given me back my soul.

I've NEVER cried with an animal before (I mean, I've cried over them, but not at them lol). He gives me purpose each day. And I give him kisses and we go on long walks together. (I walk him from the ground) and he loves his walks. I used 4BP methods to gain his trust. Now he's like a lamb. Or a puppy. Lol! 

I did the "Peaches" homework excercise on him too. Geewizz its sooo cool. I am becoming a happier and more present and patient person. I have 4 little kids under age of 8, and I love them so much, but he is my inner zen when things have gone to rubbish. I wish I could have him understand just one word ; 'Thankyou'."

    "Well I'm hooked! 

    I love to see your videos when they pop up in my feed, you and your family are very inspiring!

    I just love to see the genuine connection you make with the brumbies in such a short timeline.

    I'm not particularly brave when it comes to commenting on Facebook but please know there are people like me delighting in your achievements and cheering on from home. 

    At 39 I finally have my own horse, my greatest equine pleasure was riding last weekend with my 10 year old daughter on the beach, her on her old pony and me on my old stock horse.

    I like to day dream that one day I might make it to your station and see your talent first hand and learn some genuine horse skills as I feel my horse is very forgiving of my lack of knowledge and skills. 

    Take care and thank you for the great videos."

        "So where do I start! 

        First of all I just want to say thank you to the Brumbies 4 Recovery crew, if it wasn’t for you I would still be down in one of the deepest darkest holes I’ve even seen! 

        I’ve always been a happy, funny, bubbly person that was until the day my world came crashing down. 

        In 2011 my world was turned upside down and the girl I once was, was no longer. 

        My Mum and Dad had been in a horrific car accident I was there and witnessed it all. 

        There wasn’t much I could do for my Dad besides tell him I love him and that I would take care of Mum, which is what I did, I turned all my attention to my Mum and helped save her life. 

        I was told by the doctors if I hadn’t of done what I done then my Mum wouldn’t be here with us anymore either! 

        Since that day I was depressed, suicidal, angry, sad, scared, nervous, lost all confidence in myself, suffered big from anxiety but most of all I was heart broken. 

        My Dad was my rock and horses were our thing. 

        When he passed away I lost myself. 

        I always wanted to go out get my horses from the paddock and go for a ride but that never happened. 

        I’d walk outside look at the halter and would just break down, I couldn’t do it, I was too scared or too angry so I just wouldn’t do it. 

        I couldn’t seem to enjoy my horses anymore which wasn’t their fault but my own. 

        So this is where 4BP came into it, I’ve watched 4BP and B4R on Facebook for ages and always wanted to go but I never had the confidence to go. 

        I knew I’d chicken out, dark thoughts would roll through my head making me think I couldn’t do it. 

        Thinking maybe I should just sell everything and give up on the one thing I truly, truly love. 

        But then Brumbies 4 Recovery came to my home town performing a PHN Wellbeing Clinic. 

        I remember saying to my partner I would absolutely love to go but I’m too scared. 

        He encouraged me to go and I can tell you now I’m so thankful he did. 

        I never thought I could get myself back but I did, I found myself, I found the love of horses again. 

        It all came back because of Brumbies 4 Recovery because of Joe & Meg, they were there with me every step of the way. 

        The confidence & connection all came flooding back. 

        By day 3 I could feel a change in myself and day 5 I felt the weight lift off my shoulders and just blow away in the breeze. 

        I could finally breathe again.

        I no longer felt like I was drowning in that dark hole. 

        I was smiling & laughing

        What an amazing feeling.  

        Don’t get me wrong there were times throughout those 5 days when I thought to myself what are you doing you can’t do this but I was wrong 

        I could and I did do it. 

        There were plenty of tears, scared moments & anxiety levels to the max.

        Joe, Meg & Mel were so understanding, compassionate and patient, they are the most wonderful people you could ever find. 

        I am so thankful that I was able to attend the Brumbies 4 Recovery Clinic, it has changed my life. 

        I’m back to my old self all thanks to the B4R crew. 

        If you are holding back from doing a B4R wellbeing clinic please don’t, you won’t regret it. 

        From the bottom of my heart I thank you Joe, Mel & Meg you are all AMAZING I love you all xx" 

        Im just so gosh darn glowy and chuffed. ❤❤❤❤❤

        Gone from "must stand far as away from human as possible" to "where's my hoooman!!!

        “ I NEED MY SMOOCHIN!!" .

        4BP has made my relationship the best journey I've ever been on.

        Doing my “4BP Peaches” homework, and today, for the first time, rode bitless.

        It was a first for him too.

        He had a bit of a rough start, but now he is just so devoted and loving.

        At first he was bracing for the stop like he normally does... I never pull on his mouth, but he always threw up his head.
        Then he realised, 'hey, theres no pain, no pulling!' And so he had 2 more bracey stops, but then just started stopping like an old mustering horse.

        Stopping just off my seat alone.  

        He listened soooo well in the bitless.

        The previous owners had him in a twisted dog leg bit or something.

        But I have him on nothing and his stops, and even his turns and back up are “sensational”.

        Goes to show tack is not everything but mutual trust and understanding is though.

        4BP has dramatically changed my horses life, and has made me the supposed 'horse whisperer' I am lol.

        I am not a horse trainer at all.

        I am as green as the grass!

        'You got the touch' they tell me... I give them the 4BP Horses website address.

        I havent trotted on him yet, as I am still learning to ride.

        But he is helping my heart to heal after an event and that is more important to me then training.

        Thank you 4BP horses."

        "I'm really enjoying this course and learning so much! Can't thank you enough 🙂"

        "My gelding has always been a little stand-offish and almost timid, not too keen on humans, but since trying the 4BP Method on him, he sees me and straight over, wants to be with me, follows me around.
        It's great, absolutely fantastic, and feels awesome too.  
        Thanks heaps Joe and crew, a fantastic thing you've all done, so easy to do and understand, and, so easy to teach as well.
        I really would like to come over and experience this first -hand from you, might be one for the Bucket List!!"

        "Hey thanks so much for sharing this training method.
        I have a gorgeous 2nd,X QH that was given to me quite a few years back that in the past has been pushed too far in I believe the showing/dressage scene and has some big trust issues.

        But he has never scared or done anything to scare me so I just can't let him go.
        He has been hard to catch so I had been trying to catch him a good hour before each of the farrier visits.

        After just a few days of a few minutes after practice face up he let me approach him and pop the halter on.

        The day I forgot the farrier was booked and I thought I was going to have to miss his trim this time round, I caught him no issues, I was stoked and am sure this is the turning point for us, thank you so very much you guys are amazing.
        On addition just would love to be up there come July to train my own brumby."


        "Hi Joe, just wanted to share with you my experience of 4BP training.  
        I bought a lovely QH mare yesterday, 7yo with no training, very little handling and terrified of people.  

        She had been abused, beaten with a shovel and buckets thrown at her for 'fun'.  
        They were going to send her to the meat works as they decided she was too dangerous for anyone (she broke someones sternum when they tried to 'break' her).  

        After getting her home and settled, I did 20 mins ground work and she was facing up after 2 mins and following me around the yard wanting to work more.
        I was able to touch her neck and shoulders and she was just wanting to please so much.  

        This morning her gate was accidentally left open and she got out and went a few k's down the road to a neighbours property.  

        Easily 15+ acres and she was happily exploring.  

        She went to canter around me when I stood still, clapped my hands and yelled out 'face up'!  

        She spun around stood still, then came walking up to me, like we had been doing this kind of thing forever.  

        I knew this was a good program, but I am gobsmacked and thrilled.  

        Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.  

        I'm praising your program to all and sundry."