Lesson Bundle 1 - Introductions & Facing Up - 4BP Horses Australia

Lesson Bundle 1 - Introductions & Facing Up

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This video collection is the very first step of the 4BP Method.

It will cover the following steps over 10 Videos available to stream after checkout. 

- Face up

- Running face up

- Magic rope

- Rocking boot

- First touch

- First touch explanation

- Butterfly Kiss

- Fluent movements

- Casual approach

- First double touch

- Double touch explained and backing away

- Controlling a continuously running/agitated horse

- Setting of the horse's head

- Setting comfort zones

- Establishing friendship on an equal platform 50/50

- Approaching the cheeks

- Cheeks - massaging; drawing back to the nose

- Taking control of the head

- Massaging of cheeks and rubbing of eyes

- Establishing a ‘go to’ spot

- Covering of eyes

- Calming gland and eye rub explained

- Working from cheek to neck

- Reaching down the neck

- Bagging with hands

- An explanation of ‘go to’ spot

- Neck and shoulder- bagging with hands

"It's very important not to over-do it with your horse... don't ask your horse for too much." - Joe Hughes