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Lesson Bundle 3 - Haltering & Riding

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This video collection is the third step of the 4BP Method.

It will cover the following steps over 9 Videos available to stream after checkout. 

- Casual approach

- Head over shoulder

- Heavy contact

- Side work

- Foundation work- watch how the horse melts

- No verbal instructions

- Highly relaxed, straight and calm

- Haltering and tips on catching a horse

- Bonding with second person

- Patting with hands

- Staying in safety zone

- Pre mounting  - Rub down, pulling weight down over wither

- Pre mounting - small jiggers (feet stay planted) then small jumps

- Add more weight and noise

- Flopping over back and leaving weight over back

- Weight bearing

- Swinging over the horse

- Sitting in riders position

- First step under load

- Leading bareback

- Backing up under weight

- Riding unassisted with leading

- Riding with weight transfer

- Mounting

- Steering

- Dismounting


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