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Lesson Bundle 2 - Rope Work & Mounting

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This video collection is the second step of the 4BP Method.

It will cover the following steps over 10 Videos available to stream after checkout. 

 - Staying straight in the head and body

- Swinging rope

- Why it's important to move to a bigger yard

- See what the "running face up" is and how to stop it

- Bagging a horse with rope

- Teaching to lead

- Transition from ‘face up’ to ‘walk up’

- Mouthing explanation

- Visual aid (leading)

- Introduce the horse to the cloth

- Bag down with the cloth

- Familiarizing - noise, rope, cloth, etc

- Bagging with the cloth to move down both sides

- Overcoming Reluctant Side Proceeding Issue

- Advancing down the sides of the horse

- Side working

- Moving from hand rubbing to patting

- How to prevent the horse from biting you when going down it's side


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