“You may be the only portion of the bible that some people will ever read.”

Not everyone can read or even knows about the existence of Jesus or the bible.
So to meet a Christian, converse with a Christian is as close to the bible as many may ever come.
Have the courage, have the faith and take the opportunity to share the gospel with those you know.
Share some Christian posts on FB and watch who “likes” the post, they will be your kindred spirits, those who become offensive were never your friends or perhaps they are the ones who require Jesus the most.
Reach out and start your good works in people today, inspire them today as there is only one rapture of the church.
The “raptured church” is no specific denomination of church.
It is the church of Christ Jesus, those who have invited Jesus into their hearts and producing good works as a result…. This is the raptured church spoken of in the bible, these are those who will be called up into heaven at the sound of the trumpet.
No specific nationality, skin colour, social ranking, particular church association, just committed followers of our Heavenly Father who seek him.
Walk a righteous life, not self righteousness but a life being a good person of faith, a faithful and obedient child of Christ.
A life with Christ in our hearts and treat our body as a temple , not a temple of vanity but of chastity, humbleness, meek and mildness.
Be generous, give with joy in your heart, give wantingly to those in need.
Abstain from idle gossip, joining in to ridicule someone, to speak negatively or bare false witness against anyone, avoid passing judgment.
I was raised to stand straight, have short hair , dress accordingly, “yes sir , no sir” , behave through self control, have respect for myself and others.
My father would say if I “looked like a man, acted like a man then surely I will begin to feel like a man”.
Look back through your life , you will find those who were righteous, said little but always pushed on with life joyfully , without issue no matter what.
I pray of you …. to be that person also.
Dress like a Christian, act like a Christian and surely you will start to feel like a Christian.
A quote for you to assist you with, have them say it out loud:
Dear Heavenly Father
Hallowed be thy name
I am a sinner, please forgive me of my sins.
Jesus died on the cross and was raised 3 days later.
I seek you Jesus in my heart.
This said from the heart repents you from all your sins, calls the Holy Spirit upon you, you become an eternal being, you have Gods Grace bestowed upon you.
Now perform good works and you are in line for rapture.
Those who save another’s soul , those who introduce a non believer to the Lord will be in favour of the Lord.
James says:
“So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” James 2:17
The Lord has written on our hearts right from wrong as stated in Hebrews 8:10.
Be that Christian whom others are positively impacted by, who visually inspires others to find Christ.
“Preach the gospel day and night, if you require…use words”


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