The Story of Job

The story of a righteous man who lost all his children, his livelihood, rebutted by his wife, chastised and coerced by friends.

“The story of job”.

In mourning he sort answers to his every issue, ailment, affliction and loss.

I too recently have endured similar…no where as righteous as Job but fallen yes, bewildered to my treatment yes, why, why, why…. Yes.

I too received the message like Job to stand up straight, right myself and in return the Lord has strengthened me.

I required correction from the Lord, straightening of my path, deliverance, though I had invited Christ into my heart many years ago and was living what I thought was a “Christian enough live” to get into heaven…. I wasn’t.

I had what was most precious and revered to me removed, much like Job.

I lay in disbelief and mourned much like Job.

I prayed all day, every day but nothing come of it, I continued to live in the flesh, the grief had me blinded.

Finally I sought Jesus Christ as outlined in Romans 10: 9-10, the only way into heaven.

I started to live in faith and not the flesh, I asked God for guidance and outcomes instead of me attempting the tasks with my limited wisdom and abilities.

I mediate God's law day and night, I pray for everything and give thanks for everything in a day, I mean everything.

My strength has begun to return but now with a greater sense of wisdom, understanding and righteousness.

To live in faith, to seek Jesus, to have my sins forgiven, have my sins forgotten, never to be spoken of or mentioned ever again is a blessing.

No standing before the Lord on judgement day having every thought, every word and every action judged.

“Forgiveness is preferred over judgment”.

I don’t watch or listen to mainstream news, media or social media.

I don’t permit issues to dominate me, I forgive readily, maintain a happy disposition and care for anyone who requires assistance.

I try to read scripture every day, I pray all through the day, I attend a scripture based church for company each weekend to converse with similar people.

Moral of my story, no matter what happens to you, no matter how hurt you may feel, always, always maintain Christ in your heart, have faith in Christ and Christ will have faith in you.

We are in a period of faith on earth now, keep your faith and have everlasting joy by the side of the Lord.

If you are struggling to make the transition send me an email.

When Christ is in your heart , anything is achievable … what do you have to lose !!!!

Romans 10: 9-10

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