The Father and the Son

Only with Jesus in your heart can you really move forward and find solace.

Call it anything other than what it is and it doesn't work.

Like calling for a friend in a crowd.. use a different name other than that they know and no response.

We all go that way at some stage but the return is celebrated with the release of our afflictions.

The Lord need not be accused for those that wrong in the name of Christianity.

The Lord is the father, he is Christianity, not those living in flesh under the guile of Christianity.

Our Heavenly Father is always just a name call away.

With a joyous or sorrowful call to Jesus standing in any crowd and he will turn and lock eyes with you.

Eyes full of unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, there is no sin that cannot be forgiven.

Something performed on or against us.. and we carry that for decades until we state the correct name for the energy, the power, the force, for its the Holy Trinity.

Then we stand still (Psalm 46:10) and have that force wash over our body, to be cleansed, to be healed, to be reborn.

Say out loud:

I am sinner, please forgive me of my sins.

Jesus is my saviour and king, was crucified for me and raised 3 days later.

I seek you Jesus in my heart.

Become clean of afflictions that are not yours.

Stop carrying the burden of others.

Reach out to the only one who can help.

We can assist at 4BP, the beginning of the journey can be tough. I know, I walk my own path and that of others.

Free assistance here at Toowoomba or email

It starts by calling his name.

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