I come before you in prayer, not solely for what I hope to receive in return but in love and devotion through my heart to you.

Yes I pray knowing that I must keep in touch with you throughout every day.

Yes I pray for things….help and assistance for everyday issues and I give thanks for answering my prayers too , each and everyday with the deliverance of those prayers.

I pray to you with my open and true heart.

I hold nothing back from you in my prayers.

You know every word I am to speak before it leaves my lip, you even change some words before they are spoken to prevent me from being foolish.
I know you are much pleased in hearing me pray out loud with my mouth and to speak candidly and comfortably as a child and father can.

I feel refreshed and empowered each and every time I pray and am enlightened by the few words in any single verse from scripture.

I pray to be taken in rapture, to be one of the chosen in the church of Christ Jesus.

I pray that as it was before with Noah and the flood, Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah … removed them as wrath was administered.

I pray that we Christians living in faith are taken at the point of prophecy coming true soon.

I pray that all the pain and suffering of good people comes to a stop.

I pray my heart to be pure and true , I humble myself before you, I pray that good works are performed until the day of rapture as there is no salvation for faith alone without good works.

Good works are the fruit that comes from our true faith.

Blessings to you all.

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