All glory to God

I can’t sing even though I sing from my heart, I can make noise at the appropriate time but lack melody.

I pray from my heart but don’t have fancy words, can’t remember all the fancy sayings that most seem to know.

I can train horses, that’s not a problem.

I train horses, talk with horses, understand horses as freely as most people breath.

I don’t think, I don’t judge, I’m merciful, tolerant, patient and forgiving.

When I see a horse or get close to a horse I am a different person, my touch, feelings, thoughts change.

I simply do not have a requirement to think, gauge, evaluate etc as I am on autopilot.

I have a sense of light shining through my body, an infinite connection with the universe, feeling of love, lots of love.

I say it’s god flowing through me.

I say all the time “all glory goes to God”, it’s because I believe I have been given a gift to formulate, set into program and distribute for the better of all mankind.

Not just a particular country , colour or religion, not just rich or the poor, afflicted or non afflicted but “all mankind”.

My family has toiled to establish 4BP, now for free across the world wherever a person can watch on the internet and yes… all glory goes to God.

God has formed me from conception, never should have been born but was, should have died that many times but didn’t, have been exposed to so much trauma, hate, conflict, physical and mental anguish and survived.

Without it no horse training program would have been created.

That’s why the program is so easy to perform because it’s based off of human instincts…. You always get the next step right due to instinct… all glory to God.

God has made us very fruitful with our life and property/ranch, he is always there guiding and producing fruitful outcomes.

That’s why we have given all our horse training and mental health programs to the world for free…all glory to God.

So when you see a video you love please remember to give your glory to god.

I am a scriptural Christian, I gave my heart to Jesus many years ago but was living my life part in the faith/flesh rather than just in the faith… a well kept secret among mainstream churches, I now live in faith alone.

Romans 10: 9-10

The only way into heaven as outlined within the bible.

I can’t understand why so many people don’t go through with Romans 10: 9-10.

To have the option of heaven over hell, to have infinite wisdom backing you, to live knowing your sins have been wiped away and will never be mentioned again…..

What gift will the Lord bestow upon you???

All glory goes to God for everything 4BP, I am but the administration.

If you seek to gain salvation but are struggling with the concept, worried about the outcome et , drop me an email, come here and I can assist.

We have people just roll in off the street regularly seeking salvation, it’s more of a subtle change of life rather than a lightning bolt.

No sin cannot be forgiven, I was a pretty reckless fella in my time… all forgotten now.

Have a blessed week and remember… all glory goes to God, not me.

Love to you all


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  • Thankyou. I needed those words tonight as I walk the journey beside my husband in the eighth week of recovery from a horse accodent. All glory to God for his progress so far. Please join me in praying for complete healing.


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