4BP Horses - More About Us

We teach people to whisper to wild horses more than anyone on earth.

I developed the 4BP Horses training technique after a near fatal bike accident in 2006, broke my hands, removed a finger, split a vertebra in my back, broke my hip, 74 rib breaks, bruised brain, bruised and collapsed lungs, in a coma for three days, 32 mm shorter than before.

Having flipped the bike at high speed landing head first then tumbling with the bike 49 metres, 2 friends and my wife sat by my side waiting for the last breath.

My mate with his ear to my mouth calling out each time I wheezed a breath, skin blue, lips white and just like that an ambulance arrived, punched air down my neck and away we went again.

If I survived the trip to town, 110km away it was said I would never walk.

Took about 2.5 years to be back as good as I could be, it was a long road to recovery added that the station was in drought and neighbours had stolen thousands of livestock.

A sense of urgency came over me to format all I knew through self education into a horse program for my 4 children 4.5-9yrs.

Only read 9 books in my life, never watched a horse video or attended a horse clinic.

Grew up on a remote Outback station that used horses and trained as a kid in the stockyards from a tender age.

Being so small I learnt the points of balance in a horse and worked my horses gently and calmly unlike my father who was 6’6” and brutally cruel and use to force everything into submission.

I roamed the inland country, deserts, mountain country, river/channel county up into the tropics of Qld on horse properties.

Married a skilled woman and had 4 children together, my wife being the rare outback woman these days that can actually operate a station not just talk about it.
Our children have all become very sound, non vanity type that help anyone at anytime without reward or seek admiration.

We started taking the mountain horses destined for slaughter from Mt Kosciusko in 2016, made up of mature horses that were unwanted and rejected by brumby groups totalling 75-90% of caught horses.

It was at this point I started a Facebook page to highlight how good all these horses were and demonstrated their skills.

People from all over the world started to join and ask questions of my horse training technique.

I was surprised to realise that this was a new technique like nothing before it.

We had to call it something, I despise vanity, refused to use my name so called it 4BP, For Brumby Protection.

I never use my name and we only speak of the training and new trainers coming on all over the world.

We very quickly moved into the top 4% of webpages on earth, that’s 2.1 billion pages world wide and we did it organically.

Everything we do is self funded, no grants, donations, government hand outs, financial sponsors, all generated by us.
The clinics throughout Australia for those most in need have all been self funded.
In 2019 we became the first of our kind to receive contracts to perform wellbeing clinics for both state and federal governments, travelling to remote, isolated communities treating trauma, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies etc. for European and indigenous.
Something we enjoy immensely

When we initially took the wild horses on I looked to the USA for answers but there were none, they are in a very tough position with 46,000 horses at that time in captivity and many more waiting to be caught. Now 61,000 in captivity.

I chose to take on everyday people that wanted to help by coming to train their own wild horse, doing so in a matter of hours and videoing their experience and sharing it with all to see.

This way demonstrating the horse and how faithful, loving and honest they are when trained the gentle, loving 4BP way.

We have also ridden the horses across some 7,000 km with nothing but a halter and lead rope on through traffic, crowds, ocean etc again demonstrating the benefits of the wild horse.

All the brumby groups that were taking up to 25% of the horses, all were critical of the government for allowing 75-95% to go to slaughter.

These activists had elaborate programs of anarchy in play against government departments burning up any goodwill that there was.

The moment we started preserving the life of the 75-95% horses, they turned their attention and energy onto us , death threats ,accusations , reporting us to every legal body known, the same people out their now squealing for everyone to do something.

This is the cost we bare for doing what is right for the community and the horse, the activist thrive in their negative private turmoil.

Calling for donations won’t stop the cull of horses.
We have offered to take in every horse from NSW and Victoria to use in our wellbeing clinics or train them all for the public to take but all bodies have declined.... any goodwill with the public has been used up with the brumby activists.

We are setting an example shortly for all brumby groups and government to observe and hopefully follow as a blueprint for future horse control.

A decade of proof that it’s possible, a second mortgage over our assets to follow through with what we believe in for humans and horses.
Total prevention of death out of Mt Kosciusko , building a base of trainers and understanding for the control of horses numbers in sensitive locations, that’s what we have done

Recently having been approached to train wild horses that are impacting land formations of high indigenous importance in SA.

Rather than shoot them they have inquired for 4BP to train them.

No public funding, just want to see the horses go to good homes.

4BP horses will seek to train 100 horses in 10 days.
We have already trained 51 in 5 days in WA.

This is what’s achievable when goodwill is not burnt up and frivolously thrown away due to stupidity and ego

Public participation is encouraged in this mammoth feat.

We encourage you to come visit , participate in our clinics and meet the brumbies in person.

Learn how to improve your conflict resolution with in your work place or home.
Fix depression, anxiety , PTSD, schizophrenia, epilepsy , all sorts of ailments.

Train a horse in hours with no whips, ropes, hobbles , using your hands only.

Learn how to meet a horse , like you could only imagine possible .

Meet our war horse Seargent, specially trained for returned veterans.

Come see what is involved in being a 4BP Cooee Legend, obtaining a full tax deductible clinic and free horse at the end and participate in Australia’s largest peace time training of horses in history.

We will be seeking to have 4BP training established as “Best Practice” in Australia for all captive wild horses.

This technique removes the anxiety and “want to attack” in as little as 1-20 minutes.

Literally the horse goes from gladiator to milking cow.

The community wellbeing clinics for WNSW Primary Health Network.
A first in history that such a program had been funded, extreme ground breaking step.

Scrutinised by government and 3 independent bodies.

Travelled the NT early 2019 performing suicide prevention and wellbeing clinics

The clinics have been an enormous success and only wish funding was available to access more communities than we do.

The program that we have developed over the last 4 years is nothing like available anywhere in the world.

The affect and outcomes we achieve is truly unbelievable and weekly leave us and participants spellbound.

Straightening eyes that trauma long ago distorted, schizophrenia disappearing, epilepsy disappearing.
Lumps, ailments, trauma, depression, PTSD, anxiety, all disappearing.

Where will we be in another 4 years


Please feel free to share for awareness