Message from our founder Joe Hughes 12/1/2022

The Bible explicitly says that worrying is sin because it's telling God that he can't handle the problems of your life. It's having no faith in Him who created you and ordained your days while you were still unformed. It is more of a command from Jesus to tell us not to worry. Because God's hand is in everything.


This is so true.


If you think for a moment that god has no input into conception … well !!!!


I was second born, a number of my siblings died before me over a period of 6 years, I was born with yellow jaundice and spent three days in a human crib, I survived where several of my siblings did not.


My mother had a toxicity build up in her body that kept killing off the babies, I was strong enough to persist, there is an injection for it now days, two more siblings followed me safely.


I have met people that had survived botched abortions, who like me hung on against the odds.


The lord has protected me from death so many times, pulling me from the the mouth of death literally in the last few seconds.


Why do some of us get saved so many times over?


It’s because a lot of investment in training has been performed…. I’m no angel, not a great Christian but I try.


I am no more special than anyone, I have been exposed to so much trauma and grief, love and forgiveness to create clinics for those like my past to heal, online is free.


People will listen with an open heart to someone who has ridden the road , had the fall, rebuilt, got first hand experience of the terrain, the story told truthfully is a story to take what you need from it for your own journey.


Everyone has a journey that another can learn from, it’s never too late to stand still and listen, if you missed the turn off, then stop, assess your situation and render the issue, take ownership of the mistake.


Some times you feel so lonely and isolated, that’s when you just have to have hope and faith, talk to the lord, a problem shared is a problem halved.


This is always a tough time of year, suicide, domestic violence, relationship break ups etc elevate every year, added the government lockdowns and segregation…. Tough times.


All the more reason to slip into your local pastor, attend a positive community gathering, receive free 4BP online wellbeing program and neutralise yourself with your horse.


Have faith.

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  • I had a Clancy…Same red dun but a mare ran off the truck totally feral…I love your program…thank you so much for your insight. My husband died 12 years ago and working with my horses is my salvation…thank you again

    Just watched Clancy

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