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The most difficult place for us to be as believers, is in God's waiting room. When God delays with answers to our prayers, sometimes we may feel forgotten. The Psalmist encountered those very doubts in Psalm 10v1, "Why do you stand afar off, O Lord? Why do you hide in times of trouble?".

You can come to a point sometimes of believing that God has forgotten you. Perhaps your problems are not important to Him, you imagine! What you believe is God has given up on you! You may even be feeling like that right now. So, let me remind you, that what you are contemplating is a simple impossibility! God never gives up on you! He never ceases to care about you and He will never abandon His work on you, of which your trial is a part.

He even says, that your name is written on the palms of His hands. It's engraved there, it cannot be removed, and such is God's concern for you. He cannot forget you. No matter what storm you are weathering now, you have never left God's mind or His heart. Yes, sometimes when God delays we feel forgotten. But, God never delays without a purpose. He knows you. He knows your heart. He knows everything your asking Him for. If He is not doing what you think He should do, just be patient! Because, God loves you! Often, God's timing disappoints us.

There may be something you have been praying for a long time and you really need an answer. Maybe you have been praying for something specific and you needed God to show up in a particular time frame. It was an urgent need, and He doesn't! When God doesn't answer when you need Him to, I wonder what conclusions you come to. Do you think to yourself, "Did I do something wrong? Did I ask the wrong way?" Do you find yourself asking, "Does God even hear my prayers?".

So often we think if God doesn't answer in our way and in our time,  it's because He doesn't love us! God loves you! He doesn't love anything else, not one grain of sand, more than He loves you! In those dark moments of life, I want you to hear Jesus looking right through your fear and saying, "Trust Me! I am right here!". God's timing might not be everything you hoped for in your life but, I hope you understand that you can trust the One who keeps the time clock.

My first born daughter Melanie passed away as an infant from SIDS when she was only a few months old. For many many years I grieved over the lost of my child until one day, I cried out to an invisible God and He heard my cry and healed my broken heart.

On the day, which would have been her 18th birthday, I prayed a silent prayer to my God, "Lord, I know my beautiful daughter is with you and she has grown up in heaven. Could you tell her that I love her and miss her very much." A few nights later I had my first ever dream vision.....I was standing in a room with lots of people and there were large windows from ceiling to floor on one wall. When I looked out the window, I could see people ascending the stairs through the window to enter the room that I was in at the top of the stairs. This place seemed to be a house with an exterior staircase that lead to the entrance of this room. As I watched through the window, I saw this beautiful girl walk up the stairs and enter the room. As she came through the door, I recognized her. I thought, "That is my sister-in-law Julie," but then I thought, "but it can't be because this girl is far too young." As my mind was thinking this and looking at this young girl, I suddenly realised who she was. It was Melanie.... She stood at the doorway for a moment and looked at me and smiled. She walked straight over and wrapped her arms around me. As I held her in my arms, I could smell the sweet fragrance of her hair. I whispered to her, "I love you sweetheart and I miss you so very much."

Suddenly, I was awake and realised what had happened. I knew it was a real vision because I never would have imagined that my daughter would have looked so much like my husband's sister. Because of a relationship breakdown and divorce, I had not seen my sister-in-law for 15 years. But, there was my daughter standing before me looking just like her. My other children had blonde hair like myself but, Melanie had dark curly hair like her father. She was so different but, that just made it all the more wonderful. I cried and thanked the Lord for being so gracious and merciful to me. Perhaps the Lord thought I needed to tell her I loved and missed her myself. Whatever His reasons, I am forever grateful.....That vision was 28 years ago and I've never been sad or missed my daughter a day since then....I have the pictures in my memory and I know she is alright. The Lord has her firmly in His hands.

I do not remember where I first read the words: "My life is the road God walks." It seemed that suddenly they were emblazoned on the portals of my mind and on my heart.

Each life is an eternal highway, never ending, but always leading either to a brighter day or on into darkness. All along each roadway are signposts pointing to life eternal. Standing at a distance, I observe the roadway of life I had walked. I observe the familiar dark, dead-end street where I had lost my way. There were many "arteries" that exited my road, and more often than not I ended up at Frustration Village or Heartbreak City, and there was no way out. I had to return the way I had come. That was my life---I was trapped, restless, and yearning, yet I always knew that somewhere there had to be joy and peace.

On the most memorable day of my life, light finally broke through, and the road---my life--was lit with a brilliancy that exceeds description. And not only were my eyes flooded with light, but I was also absorbed by the light---my entire being became light. 

Many voices call out at the exit signs, but I follow the light that becomes brighter and brighter each day.

The road God walks is filled with righteousness, peace, love, and joy. Jesus is the Lord, Master of my life. Travelling this road is an adventure, sometimes painful, but always there is peace and joy. There's a song in my heart, and it's the rhythm that I walk to---He orders my steps in His Word!

Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

(Psalm 119:133)

There was a time, about three years after I was divorced that I began to feel very alone. I cried out to God in despair, voicing my deepest heartache and pain to Him in prayer. Then one night I had a dream vision....

I was standing in the middle of a ballroom and the band was playing. Many couples were dancing around me and I was just standing there watching them, and I began to feel very alone. In that moment, I looked across the ballroom and a man had entered by a side door but, this person was different. I could actually see Him looking at me, and feel His love for me across the room. As He walked closer, all the couples stopped dancing and looked at Him but, He only had eyes for me. As He walked up to me, I noticed how tall He was, as I had to look up into His face. As His eyes met mine, He looked down into every cell in my body and loved every part of me, down to every atom, with a love that I'd never experienced before. As I looked in His face and received His love, I felt in that moment, the love that passed between us was enough to last a lifetime....and then......we danced.....

I have been single now for 15 years by choice, and when someone asks me if I ever get lonely, I say....

"How could I ever be lonely when I've danced with God!!"

My soul shall be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth shall praise you. On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. Because you are my help, I will sing in the shadow of your wings. My soul clings to you, your right hand upholds me. (Psalm 63:5-7)

Sometimes we have a song in the night. We can sing with joy and thankfulness. Our hearts are full. We feel God's blessing. At other times we lose that song. The night turns to a starless void. Our struggle, where we once held out hope, has caused us to despair. We have been patient, so patient, but the process has been so long that we can't sing anymore. The weight is too heavy to carry.

Our difficulty may cause us to question God's love and protection. We feel as though we have been forgotten, lost somewhere in the darkness. But God never abandons us. We are like priceless pearls to him----"his treasure."

God never forgets us, never gives up on us. Again and again he offers his fiery love to burn away impurities in our hearts and to draw us back to himself. As we come to know and rely on God's love, we find our fears and doubts replaced with hope. Our struggles dim as we bask in his great love.

God never stops working, and he finds great pleasure in us. No matter how difficult the struggle seems today, remember that God has his hand on you---that means you are safe and secure, no matter how dark the night.




  • It’s always so amazing when reflecting on our church’s weekend message, it’s Monday and I’m sitting, relaxed reading everything spiritual that God sends my way, such as this from Katie at 4 BP Horses, thank you!, or a friend shares how God triggerd a new profound meaning in the scripture he is studying along with all the thoughts God is putting in my head when suddenly a-beautifully impression floats through my mind only I could understand, an orchestra with all it’s moving parts and sounds somehow moved me out of a perplexing season of doubting and back into that unexplainable connection to God. He is right there in the room with me. His presence is thick and when I reach out to touch It and all tbe doubt turns to belief and all is well!
    Again, thank you.

  • This is a very timely and true message, A message of hope, encouragement. Thank you!
    Love this post.
  • This has inspired me to walk closer with my Lord Jesus !!!!!

    The lamination of my inner spirit craves to believe in the time when I see my Lord Jesus so I can finally rest on him as he comforts & restores me to perfection !!!!!
  • I’m from Texas, USA 🇺🇸 and I love your site. Thank you for sharing Gods word and allowing it to be reposted!

  • Hi, it’s Katie from Brisbane Australia. We own and manage a horse trailer business… Nice to meet you!

    That's very beautiful!!

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