Jude's Thoughts - Striving for Perfection

Striving for perfection has been a lifelong pursuit for me---an unsuccessful one at that!

Growing up trying to be pleasing to everyone, making good grades in school and trying to be the best in my career didn't bring me satisfaction.

Accomplishments didn't fill the hollow place in my soul.

When I judged my spirituality by my church's standard of perfection, I was a colossal failure.

With each infraction of their rules, I walked the aisle to get saved all over again or die and go to hell.

Fear drove my quest for perfectionism, and I felt compelled to climb many treacherous mountains toward that impossible goal.

Life would be great when.....but emptiness was always standing on the crest of each mountain forcing me to continue the laborious journey.

Condemnation became my guide and depression my attendant.

Marriage would surely be my great escape, but it merely reinforced my sense of failure---perfectionism was nowhere to be found.

One day while sitting alone in my home, I cried out to an invisible God for help.

God answered, and I was wrapped in an unconditional love that compelled me to let down my walls and open the door of my heart.

Today, I have an intimate relationship with a loving heavenly Father.

Jesus is my Redeemer, my elder brother, and the Holy Spirit is my constant teacher and guide.

I am accepted!

There is no more condemnation.

My life is the road that God walks.
Prayer is my safe place, my place of escape from the rigours of life.

Prayer is my place of rest.
Shut away with God in the secrecy of his pavilion I am free from the strife of tongues; I am healed; I am whole.

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, endures forever;
Forsake not the works of Your own hands."
(Psalm 138:8)
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